Historic Environment Action Plans

Landscape scale management plans

Historic Environment Action Plans for East Devon AONB - taking an innovative approach to explore how the traditional top down model of creating strategic landscape wide Historic Environment Action Plans can be effectively combined with a community led bottom up approach. Working closely with community contacts, the project will complement existing heritage action in the AONB as well as help guide future policy delivery in East Devon. The project consists of two interrelated strands:

  • A top down Historic Environment Action Plan will be created for the Areas within the existing Landscape Character Assessment, building on and enhancing the Landscape Character Assessment Management Guidelines for the AONB

The first part of this top down approach was to identify the historic character present in each Landscape Character Area in the AONB. This included the development of a methodology for nesting the Devon Historic Landscape Character assessment within the pre-existing Landscape Character Area. This methodology has been used to create draft historic character descriptions.

  • The bottom up approach is being developed for two parishes within the East Devon AONB, encouraging the proactive and effective engagement of communities in the active management of historic and archaeological aspects of the AONB.

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Historic Environment Action Plans for the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs Area of Outstanding Beauty (Completed Feb 2011) - These provided a summary of the key characteristics of the historic environment of the AONB at a landscape scale, they then set out the significance, condition and forces for change affecting the historic fabric and character of this special landscape and identify proactive actions to conserve and enhance these special characteristics. The process resulted in the production of an ACTION PLAN.

Historic Landscape Character Areas

The Historic Environment Action Plans were funded by English Heritage and are designed as a best practice exemplar for other protected areas, and were published in web form with the ability to provide regular updates on progress.

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