Road Corridor Analysis

Assessing the historic components of road corridors

Historic Road Corridor AnalysisRoad Corridor Analysis (2010) - This study provided an appraisal of the historic and archaeological characteristics of the B3081. This included the historic characteristics of the routeway itself and the characteristics of the wider historic landscape in which it sits. The study was especially interested in demonstrating the information which can be derived from Historic Landscape Characterisations and Historic Environment Action Plans of relevance to the characterisation and enhancement of rural roads.

This report drew on evidence available from the AONB Historic Landscape Characterisation and the AONB Historic Environment Action Plans as well as information held by external partners including the county Historic Environment Records, and English Heritage’s National Monument Record. The new study was desk based and used the photographic and video footage prepared for the original B3081 Landscape Appraisal. It is accessible from the AONB Historic Landscape Character Website.

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