Historic Routeways Assessment

Understanding the historic components of roads and rights of way

Historic Routeway CharacterPilot Historic Routeway Characterisation study (2010) - this provided a method which allowed the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB partnership to understood the distinctive, historic dimension its routeways. This technique spilts the routeways of an area into sections with shared methodology and identifies each section current and previous historic routeway character according to a series of historic types.

Historic Routeway Characterisation is a relatively new concept and this pilot study of the wooded chalk downland of the Cranborne Chase was undertaken for the AONB to investigate the potential of this technique for revealing information about the routeways of the AONB. It is displayed on the AONB Historic Landscape Character Website. This pilot complements work which has been undertaken in the Chilterns (Green and Kid 2009) and ongoing work for the Hoo Peninsula in Kent (Herring 2010).

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