The consultancy offers a range of services which will be of interest to protected landscapes, land managers, local authorities, heritage bodies and private businesses & individuals.

Characterisation  -  We are experts in undertaking, understanding, analysing & using the full range of historic characterisation types to inform management, spatial planning and outreach.

Assessments  -  We can undertake a range of heritage assessments analysing heritage assets and their significance including desktop, area based and landscape scale assessments and the creation of heritage statements. We also offer pre application advice on the effect of planning proposals on heritage assets.

Management  -  We can advise and create management and action plans for heritage assets at a site based and an extensive landscape scale and involving complex issues and multiple stakeholders.

Community, Training and Outreach  -  We have experience of running workshops, and CPD sessions for non heritage professionals on the planning and management implications of historic characterisations. We also have experience of working with communities to explore and analyse the historic aspects of their areas. We also offer lectures and seminars on undertaking and understanding historic characterisations and using GIS in historic mapping.

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