Historic Characterisations

Historic characterisations are a powerful suite of tools for capturing and understanding the aspects of heritage which survive today in our countryside, settlements, seascapes and across our routeways. They can be used to inform spatial planning on management decisions. These are complex spatial datasets and expertise is needed in their creation and analysis if their full potential is to be realised.

Our consultance has the experience and expertise neccessary to:

  • create new characterisations at a range of scales.
  • combine and tailor existing characterisation for new areas providing a bespoke product for districts, parishes or protected areas.
  • feed historic characterisations into wider studies such as Landscape Character Assessments.
  • analyse historic characterisations and identify which elements are significant.
  • analyse the effect of proposed changes or developments on the historic character of an area.
  • use historic characterisations to inform spatial planning and management decisions.

We also offer a specialist service creating characterisations for rights of way and road systems

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