Planning and Heritage Statements

National Planning Policy supported by local plans requires the preparation of heritage statements which assess the impact of any scheme on the signifiance of any heritage assets effected including on their setting.

"In determining applications, local planning authorities should require an applicant to describe the significance of any heritage assets affected, including any contribution made by their setting. The level of detail should be proportionate to the assets’ importance and no more than is sufficient to understand the potential impact of the proposal on their significance. As a minimum the relevant historic environment record should have been consulted and the heritage assets assessed using appropriate expertise where necessary. Where a site on which development is proposed includes or has the potential to include heritage assets with archaeological interest, local planning authorities should require developers to submit an appropriate desk-based assessment and, where necessary, a field evaluation." National Planning Policy Framework, Paragraph 128

Wyvern Heritage regularly creates Heritage Statements and Desk Based Archaeological Assessments to assist developers in meeting these requirements.

We can also provide heritage expertise for planning inquiries and Emma Rouse is available to act as an expert witness for appellants, local authorities and rule six parties.

  • Slad Valley Action Group asked Emma Rouse to assess the impact of a housing development on the local heritage assets, in order to support our case at appeal. While the Local Council had turned the case down partly on grounds of heritage we were concerned that they were not using expert support to make their case. Emma carried out a thorough professional and realistic assessment done in accordance with best practice. She identified additional harm above that noticed by the council, and provided us with a good quality and well written proof of evidence. She was a clear and effective witness at the Inquiry and was able to deal with challenging questioning. We do not yet know if we will be successful but we know that the case for refusal is much stronger because of her input. Emma was responsive and worked quickly, and her services were cost effective." - Andy Dickinson, Slad Valley Action Group Chair.

During 2015 we have undertaken work as an expert witness for Stroud District Council and Medway District Council.

Heritage Assets can range from individual archaeological sites, monuments or buildings or designed landscapes to more extensive assets such as historic field patterns and cultural landscapes.

Wyvern Heritage and Landscape are experts on the issues associated with the impact of development on the setting of heritage assets.

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